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Name:Reaz Ahmed
Date of birth:16th Sept, 1994

Diligent | Dreamer | Achiever


It’s Reaz; from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’ve completed my graduation (Bachelor of Business Administration) from the State University of Bangladesh in 2018.

As I like surfing the internet and researching that seems interested to me, I was in love with outsourcing work. So, I’ve decided to be an affiliate marketer and from 2015 to 2017 been working with some CPA (Cost Per Action) networks such as; MaxBounty.COM and earned a handsome amount of money from them.

By that, I’ve increased a lot of digital marketing skills over Social Media, YouTube, Google AdWords, Bing Advertisement and in a lot of paid ads companies. As well as, it helped me to boost my typing speed (now ~80 WPM) and improve my English speaking, writing and listening skills; as I had to communicate with some foreign peoples. But, being a freelancer was never the goal/objectives of my life.

So, after graduating I’ve diverted my goal to be an employee of a reputed organization/company. Where I can use my skills/expertise and education to contribute to a company’s goals.

Check out my site to know more about me and if you have any thoughts, feel free to send me a mail at “[email protected]

Thank you!


2017 - 2018

Member of Business CLUB

State University of Bangladesh | Business CLUB

• Being a member of the business club at State University of Bangladesh since 2017.

2015 - 2017

Business Fête

State University of Bangladesh

• “Business Festival ” held by our business department & team worked with my batch.


Microsoft Excel Training

• Professional Training on “Business Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel” held by a lecturer of the State University of Bangladesh.


One Bank presents Optimity 2018

Hosted by North South University | Finance Club

• Participated in the first round of the event & worked with financial statements of Heidelberg & LafargeHolcim Cement in Bangladesh.


ACCA Seminar

At State University of Bangladesh

• Being a part of the ACCA seminar organized by LCBS Dhaka.


Soft Skills Fest 2018

• Participated in Day Long Learning Event “Soft Skills Fest” which was held on 15 September 2018 and it was organized by Bangladesh Skill Development Institute (BSDI)


2015 - 2018

State University of Bangladesh

Completed my graduation (Bachelors of Business Administration) in 2018.

CGPA 3.50 out of 4.00
Major in Finance

Stamford College

Completed my HSC (Higher School Certificate) from Stamford College.

Business Studies | Dhaka Board

More information is available on my full resume.


Barnamala Adarsha High School

Completed my SSC (Secondary School Certificate) from Barnamala Adarsha High School.

Business Studies | Dhaka Board

More information is available on my full resume.


I’m planning on doing the Master’s program in 2019.

Keep in touch to stay updated.


Digital Marketing

I’ve watched a lot of training, courses in to get digital marketing knowledge and from that, I’ve gathered enough knowledge, how it works.

Office Products

I can proudly say, I’m good enough with Microsoft products. Such as Word | PowerPoint | Excel.

As I’ve completed my training from Udemy.COM; as well as from a 3 hours course(Business Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel) held by our institution (State University of Bangladesh).

Video Editing

Completed my training on to learn about Video Editing by Camtasia 9 software.

Typing Speed

Approximately, I can write ~70 WPM (Word Per Minute)

Operating Systems

Since 2013, I’ve been using Computer and I’m pretty much familiar with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

80+ Word Per Minute

80+ Word Per Minute

Camtasia Video Editing

Camtasia Video Editing

MS Excel

MS Excel

MS Powerpoint

MS Powerpoint

MS Word

MS Word

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